Configuration - adminops.xml

This file maintains the title definitions, the lists of Admins and Operators, and their respective abilities for the tiered administration system. After each <tmlogin> field should be an <ipaddress> field, optionally specifying the IP address from which that login will be granted Admin or Operator abilities.

You can update the login lists manually before starting XASECO1/2 for the first time, but any further changes are best done via the relevant /admin commands, which will automatically write them back into the file in case of XASECO1/2 restarts. The same goes for changes to the ability lists. If you manually edit the file while XASECO1/2 is running, and then make a change via an /admin command, the manual changes will be overwritten unless you reload the file right away.

The default Admin and Operator abilities for XASECO and XASECO2 should provide reasonable capabilities and limitations to what a MasterAdmin would want these two tiers be able to do on a server, but they can easily be adjusted. New abilities can only be added in conjuction with corresponding new /admin commands or new admin features in other chat commands.

If you don't need Admins and Operators, simply leave their login lists empty and the tiered system will not interfere. See the XASECO v0.88 release notes for more info.
Last updated: 2022-01-30