Configuration - autotime.xml

This file provides the configuration settings for the Auto TimeLimit plugin, plugin.autotime.php.
  • <multiplicator>
    Defines the multiplicator for the track's author time (e.g. 6x author time = new timelimit); set to 0 to disable the plugin.

  • <mintime>
    Defines the minimum timelimit in minutes.

  • <maxtime>
    Defines the maximum timelimit in minutes.

  • <defaulttime>
    Defines the default timelimit in minutes if any error occurs.

  • <display>
    Show a timelimit message in the TMF/TM² system message window (2), the chat window (1), or not at all (0); a similar message is always logged.

  • <message>
    The timelimit message, which can be customized or localized into other languages.
Last updated: 2022-12-12