Configuration - localdatabase.xml

This file provides the configuration settings for plugin.localdatabase.php, the plugin that handles most MySQL database activity.
  • <mysql_server>
    Defines the IP address where the MySQL server is running, typically '' or 'localhost' for the local computer.

  • <mysql_login>
    Defines the MySQL username for the connection to the MySQL server.

  • <mysql_password>
    Defines the password for the MySQL username.

  • <mysql_database>
    Defines the name of the MySQL database.

  • <display>
    Controls whether to show messages for newly driven records.

  • <limit>
    Defines the highest record that will be displayed to all players. If lower than $maxrecs in rasp.settings.php, records above this limit will only be displayed to the pertaining player.

  • <messages>
    These are the message strings related to local records, which can be can be customized or localized into other languages.
Last updated: 2022-12-12