Configuration - aseco.php / xaseco2.php

This section describes a few configuration options in the main aseco.php / xaseco2.php main programs that cannot be stored in a .php or .xml file:
    Controls whether to define abbreviations for some chat commands: /ad for /admin, /jb for /jukebox, and /aj for /autojuke – this was previously controlled by uncommenting a few lines in the pertaining source files.

    Controls whether all local and Dedimania record relations commands are disabled from the /help and /helpall lists; these are: /pb, /newrecs, /liverecs, /firstrec, /lastrec, /nextrec, /diffrec, /recrange as well as /dedipb, /dedinew, /dedilive, /dedifirst, /dedilast, /dedinext, /dedidiff, /dedirange – note that the commands can still be used (and on TMN will be echoed to the chat window when doing so).

    Defines whether to write the log in monthly chunks in a "logs/" subdirectory – this was previously controlled by the $log_monthly_logsdir variable in includes/

    Controls whether UTF-8 encoding on strings in config.xml is preserved, necessary on some systems to display accented characters correctly, or that they're decoded.
Last updated: 2022-01-30