Configuration - musicserver.xml

This file provides the configuration settings for plugin.musicserver.php, the plugin that delivers songs via the dedicated server to the players.
  • <override_track> (X1) / <override_map> (X2)
    Controls whether songs from the music server override a track's own music.

  • <auto_nextsong>
    Controls whether to automatically load the next song upon switching to the next track.

  • <auto_shuffle>
    Controls whether to automatically shuffle songs at start-up and at reloading the config file.

  • <allow_jukebox>
    Controls whether jukeboxing songs by players is allowed.

  • <strip_subdirs>
    Controls whether to strip subdirectories when showing song filenames.

  • <strip_exts>
    Controls whether to strip file extensions when showing song filenames.

  • <cache_tags>
    Controls whether to read and cache ID3 tags from all .OGG files in the song list.

  • <cache_readonly>
    Controls whether the cache file for ID3 tags is only read, not written.

  • <cache_file>
    Defines the filename in the main XASECO1/2 directory where the cached ID3 tags are stored.

  • <music_server>
    Either the full http URL to a directory holding the song files on a web server that must allow direct download of those files, or a path below the dedicated server's GameData (TMF) or UserData (TM²) directory, e.g. "Music/".

  • <song_files>
    The list of song files at your music server URL or path in .OGG or .MUX format; avoid spaces and special characters in the filenames and the http link, and observe correct upper/lowercase characters.

  • <messages>
    These are the message strings related to the music server, which can be can be customized or localized into other languages.
Last updated: 2022-12-12