Configuration - plugins.xml

This section covers the file that defines which plugins are loaded by the main aseco.php / xaseco2.php programs. Their order is important, as it determines in which order events are sent to the plugins' event handlers (which in turn influences when some automatic server messages are displayed) and in which order all commands show up in /help and /helpall.

To disable a portion of the system, e.g. the rounds reports, simply remove the corresponding plugin from the list, e.g. plugin.rounds.php.
Conversely, to add the IRC and/or matchsave functionality from RASP v0.7, add the appropriate plugin towards the end of the list.

By default the full Jfreu plugin ( & jfreu.plugin.php) is included, however if you only like its player connect/leave messages and (optionally) its Info messages but don't want/need the rest of its functionality (rank limiting, unspec voting, bad word filtering, admin commands, etc), then remove those two files and add jfreu.lite.php instead.
Last updated: 2022-01-30