Configuration - includes/rasp.settings.php

This file provides the configuration options for the RASP plugins, plugin.rasp*.php, as well as miscellaneous settings.
  • $feature_ranks
    Set to true to activate the server ranks system.

  • $nextrank_show_rp
    Set to true if you want /nextrank to show the difference in record positions (RP), i.e. the combined number of positions that your records need to be improved in order to catch up with the next better ranked player. If false the RP value isn't included.

  • $feature_stats
    Set to true to store all finishes in the rs_times table, and enable the /pb command.

  • $always_show_pb
    If true, the Personal Best message is always shown at the start of a track; if false and the player has a ranked record and <show_recs_before> (from config.xml) is True (so that record is included in the listing at the start of a track), or on TMF/TM² if the player has a records panel enabled, then the PB message is not shown.

  • $feature_karma
    Set to true to activate the karma vote system.

  • $allow_public_karma
    Set to true if you allow public ++ & -- votes as well as silent /++ & /--, if false only the latter are allowed. Public votes may be undesirable because they could influence other players – after all in most democratic processes votes are confidential.

  • $karma_show_start
    Set to true if you want to show the karma message at the start of each track, if false it's not shown.

  • $karma_show_details
    Set to true if you want to show counts and percentages of karma votes, if false these details aren't shown.

  • $karma_show_votes
    Set to true if you want to show their actual votes to players, if false those votes aren't shown.

  • $karma_require_finish
    Set to the number of times a player should have finished a track before being allowed to karma vote for it. Note: this is the total number of finishes since the first time a player tried a track, not the number in the current session.

  • $remind_karma
    Set to 2 if you want to send a reminder upon every finish to any player that has not yet karma voted for the current track; set to 1 if you want to send a reminder at the end of a track to all players that have not yet karma voted for that track; if 0, no reminders are sent. After voting, players are no longer sent a reminder, and spectators are never sent one.

  • $feature_jukebox
    Set to true if you want jukebox functionality, if false then /jukebox is disabled, but /list still works (as long as plugin.rasp_jukebox.php is included) so that players can still see which tracks are available.

  • $feature_tmxadd (X1) / $feature_mxadd (X2)
    Set to true to enable TMX/MX votes via the /add command to temporarily add tracks to the jukebox.

  • $jukebox_skipleft
    Set to true if you want jukebox to skip tracks requested by players that left, if false no skip takes place. This speeds up playing the tracks that the online players actually want, as they no longer have to play tracks from other players that (prematurely) went offline.

  • $jukebox_adminnoskip
    Set to true if you want jukebox to not skip tracks requested by admins (any tier) that left, if false a skip happens as yet. Ignored if $jukebox_skipleft is false.

  • $jukebox_permadd
    Set to true if you want /add to permanently add jukeboxed tracks to the server. If false, /add-ed tracks are removed after they're finished.

  • $jukebox_adminadd
    Set to true if you want /admin add to immediately jukebox tracks that are successfully downloaded from TMX/MX, just like a passed /add vote. If false no jukeboxing takes place.

  • $jukebox_in_window
    Set to true on TMF/TM² if you want to divert all global jukebox messages to the system message window. If false they remain in the chat as before.

  • $reset_cache_start
    Set to true if you want the challenges/maps list cache to be reset at the start of each new challenge/map. If false the cache is not reset.

  • $admin_contact
    Set to contact address (email, ICQ, etc) to show in the /server and /xaseco / /xaseco2 commands, leave empty to skip the entry in those commands' output.

  • $autosave_matchsettings
    Set to a filename (e.g. 'autosave.txt') enable autosaving a matchsettings file upon every track switch, leave empty to disable autosaving. This setting is also required for track autoshuffling.

  • $prune_records_times
    Set to true if you want XASECO1/2's start-up to prune records/rs_times table entries for all deleted tracks. It's recommended to enable this only if you want to do a clean-up, and then disable it again, so you don't get surprised when e.g. restarting the dedicated server with a different set of tracks.

  • $feature_votes
    Set to true if you want to disable the normal CallVotes and enable chat-based voting commands (see /helpvote). The actual voting configuration options are defined in includes/votes.config.php.

  • $uptodate_check
    Set to true if you want the start-up process and every MasterAdmin connect to check for the current XASECO1/2 version. If false, you can still check the version with /admin uptodate.

  • $globalbl_merge
    Set to true if you want every MasterAdmin connect to automatically merge the default global blacklist. If false, you can still merge the list with /admin mergegbl.

  • $globalbl_united (X1 only)
    Set to true if you want to merge only United logins from the global blacklist that contains optional <account> fields to indicate account types. If false, or if the <account> fields are missing, all logins are merged.

  • $globalbl_url
    Set to the default global blacklist in XML format, the same as <blacklist_url> in dedicated_cfg.txt (TMF), for example the Dedimania blacklist (TMF-only). On TMN, <blacklist_url> in dedicated.cfg isn't loaded at start-up, so no need to define it there.

  • $maxrecs
    Defines the maximum number of local records that are stored per track.

  • $minrank
    Defines the minimum number of local records that a player needs to receive a server rank.

  • $maxavg
    Defines the maximum number of most recent finish times that are used to compute a player's average time in the /pb command and at the start of a track.

  • $buffersize
    Defines the size of the track history buffer, i.e. the number of tracks that have to pass before the same track can be jukeboxed again.

  • $tmxvoteratio (X1) / $mxvoteratio (X2)
    Defines the required vote ratio for a TMX/MX /add vote to pass.

  • $tmxdir (X1) / $mxdir (X2)
    This directory is where tracks are saved upon downloading from TMX/MX via /admin add, and where user tracks are moved after approval via /admin addthis. It resides under the GameData/Tracks/ (X1) or UserData/Maps/ (X2) directory, and is automatically created if it doesn't exist at start-up.

  • $tmxtmpdir (X1) / $mxtmpdir (X2)
    If $feature_tmxadd / $feature_mxadd is true to enable TMX/MX /add votes, this directory is where the tracks are saved. If it doesn't exist at start-up, it is created automatically under GameData/Tracks/ (X1) or UserData/Maps/ (X2). If $feature_tmxadd / $feature_mxadd is false, this directory is optional.
The remaining options are used by plugin.rasp_irc.php, which is included for convenience, but not officially supported.
Last updated: 2022-01-30