Configuration - plugins/jfreu/jfreu.*.xml

This section describes the .xml files in the plugins/jfreu/ directory that are used by the full Jfreu plugin, jfreu.plugin.php. These files are themselves are configurable in includes/jfreu.config.php.

jfreu.config.xml contains a number of the configuration settings in includes/jfreu.config.php that can be changed dynamically. It is read and saved via the /jfreu readconfig and /jfreu writeconfig commands. Its purpose is to store temporary overrides of rank limits and the like. The file isn't loaded automatically, so to make permanent changes it's better to update the .php config.

jfreu.bans.xml maintains the list of temporarily banned logins and the timestamp at which their ban expires. Its purpose is to preserve these bans across restarts, and it is managed automatically by the plugin.

jfreu.vips.xml maintains the lists of VIPs and VIP teams. It is read and saved via the /jfreu readlists and /jfreu writelists commands, and also loaded automatically at start-up.
Last updated: 2022-12-12