XASECO and XASECO2 are comprehensive, feature-rich server controllers with a large number of configuration options. Because the controllers consist of a core and a series of plugins, these options have also been grouped into a main config file along with a number of plugin-specific ones. Third-party plugins occasionally come with their own configuration files as well, but those should be covered by the plugins' documentation.

Important note: when editing .xml config files, a common problem is to make changes to the structure of a file such that it cannot be parsed anymore. A error message will clearly indicate this at XASECO1/2 start-up. Solve the problem by fixing the file's structure, or if you can't find the error, by starting over with a clean copy.

This section provides an overview of the configuration options in the main XASECO1/2 systems: Additionally, bannedips.xml contains the list of banned player IP addresses. It is maintained automatically by the pertaining /admin commands.

Further, rasp.xml contains the message strings for the plugin.rasp*.php files. Those can be customized or localized into other languages, but the file offers no configuration settings.

Lastly, matchsave.xml provides settings for plugin.matchsave.php, which is included for convenience, but not officially supported.
Last updated: 2022-12-12