Configuration - includes/votes.config.php

This file provides the configuration settings for the chat-based voting plugin, plugin.rasp_votes.php. Chat-based voting is enabled via $features_votes in includes/rasp.settings.php, and automatically disables normal CallVotes.

Most options are outlined in the XASECO v0.84 release notes, the $disable_upon_admin option is introduced in the XASECO v0.95 release notes, the $disable_while_sb one in the XASECO v1.02 release notes, the $vote_in_window one in the XASECO v1.03 release notes, and the $replays_limit option in the XASECO v1.10 release notes. Since all settings are also described in detail in the votes.config.php comments, they are not listed here individually.
Last updated: 2022-01-30